Sean Watkins - All I Do Is Lie

All I Do is Lie - a new solo record from the Grammy Winning Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek) with performances by Sara Watkins, Greg Leisz and Gillian Welch.


“Sean Watkins proves he’s a songwriting force outside of Nickel Creek. All I Do Is Lie is a testament to the guitar slinger's folky, sophisticated style and a peek at his extensive repertoire.” - THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION

“Comprised of ten songs that trade in the relatively meaty folk-rock of 2006's Blinders On for a more measured, confessional, yet reliably quirky singer/songwriter feel that falls more in line with Nickel Creek bandmate Chris Thile's 2011 outing Sleep with One Eye Open, All I Do Is Lie is made up of mostly simple, yet smartly arranged country folk-pop songs.” -  ALL MUSIC

With his new song ‘Since the Day That I Was Born,’ Watkins starts his album off with the youthful energy and adolescent charm that first endeared Nickel Creek to fans back in 1989 — when he was 12.”  - CMT EDGE

“While Watkins' guitar playing on All I Do Is Lie is superb, this is not an album of in-your-face instrumental brilliance. Instead, his chops are mostly used to support a fine slate of songs.” – EXCLAIM!

Great harmonies, great writing, great tunes very guitar driven and Watkins’ youthful, friendly and versatile vocal is at the core of the songs with some nice flourishes to add quite a bit of color. – NO DEPRESSION