Mark's witty on-stage banter carries over into her cleverly poetic songs, mixing tinges of real emotion and heartbreak with biting sarcasm and a love of good drink.”               


“Mark has a neat line in Americana - ranging from country rock to the tea party jazz of the sort that Mr Zimmerman dabbles in so successfully these days. Lyrically, Mark has a clever turn of phrase and an endearing ability to not take herself too seriously.”

                                                                                                     Americana UK                                                                                                    

“She's a literate but accessible songwriter, and her high-lonesome voice is as devastating as it is warm and welcoming.”


Carolyn Mark - Come! Back! Special!
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Carolyn Mark is back at her witty and outrageous best with a new album exhibiting her trademark candor and ribald humour. With a voice as brassy as her friend, and sometimes Corn Sisters’ bandmate, Neko Case, Mark sings about the risible, sweet and savoury parts of love and life. Don’t miss the explicit “Get It Up”, “Pardon My French” en francais, and the long-time collaborator, NQ Arbuckle-penned “In Another Time”.